Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Philosophy: We believe that long-lasting quality tools are not only the best value in the end, but something you can enjoy using that will help you take your fabrication to the next level. The products you see on this site are hand picked product from top manufacturers around the world (see our Origins page). We aren’t limited to offering you one tool brand, but choose the best in each category and provide options for the home shop as well as high production manufacturing. Let our Solution Specialists help you determine the best tool for your application. When we help you with a recommendation, we are glad to offer our No Junk Guarantee.

Trick Tools NO JUNK Guarantee

Here at Trick Tools we believe that our customers deserve lasting value in their tool and equipment purchases.  We are constantly searching for high quality, unique and hard to find tools to offer at the best prices possible. Our commitment to you is that we will not offer “cheap junk” anywhere on our website and we will be upfront about who makes it and where.  You, the customer, help us to evaluate our products constantly and as soon as an ongoing quality issue is uncovered, we will correct it or discontinue that product immediately.  We hope to earn your continued trust.

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.”  Aldo Gucci