The word Quality is overused and often misused. Most know that it's really a "get what you pay for" world and a picture on the internet doesn't always reflect the quality of the product you receive. We like building things too and have experienced the inevitable disappointment of buying a cheap tool that barely made it through its first job. That's why we are open about the level of quality and the country of origin of all the tools in our lineup. In fact, many tools don't meet our quality standards (see our Trick Tools NO JUNK guarantee) and will not be found on our site. We want every tool purchase you make from Trick-Tools to be one you don't regret so we invite you to contact our technical experts for guidance or questions about anything on our site.

Made in the USA
The obvious one: items we offer that are made here in the USA are well designed and of the highest quality. We are proud to offer a huge selection of American made tools and are always looking to add product from red white and blue manufacturers.

Assembled in the USA
Components sourced from various countries are checked for quality and carefully assembled here in the USA. This approach can lower final costs while keeping quality high.
Made in Canada
As close as it gets, literally! We offer a small handful of items from our Northern neighbors. You can expect unique designs and high quality standards on these products.
Made in Europe
From across the pond come items manufactured in Western European countries such as Italy, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Typical fit-and-finish is world class and electrical components are often CE approved. Backed and supported by a USA presence or reputable importer.
Made in Japan
Most of these products are long lasting consumables such as blades or cutters. Well known internationally for their technology and precision manufacturing.
Made in Australia
Our English speaking friends from the other part of the world know how to make unique products that work well in American shops.
Made in New Zeland
Much like Australia, our products made in New Zealand are of high quality and offer unique capabilities.
Now for the tricky one: China and Taiwan are the biggest players in this category. We have carefully picked products and manufacturers that we are comfortable with and have substantial quality control. Only companies with a solid warranty and substantial USA support through parts and service are chosen. For example see the JET "Red Assurance" guarantee.