Dimple Dies & Hole Flare Tools

Dimple dies, punch & flare, and flare only tools add that 'trick' look to any metal fabrication project. Designed to strengthen panels with lightening holes, we offer several different styles to choose from.

Dimple Dies will work in material as thick as 1/8 inch chrome moly steel and are meant to be used in an ironworker or press. The proper size hole must be drilled beforehand.
Punch & Flare tools will punch the hole and flare material up to 16 gauge mild steel in one operation. These work by tightening a draw bolt or in a bench press.
Aircraft Punch & Flare tools are designed for thin aluminum (.020 - .040 inches). They work just like the standard punch & flare tools but eliminate cracking in aircraft aluminum.
Flare Tools use the draw bolt method for forming the flare in a pre-drilled hole. Good for material up to 16 gauge steel.\n\n

See a quick overview video of the Mittler Bros dimple products here.