Multitool 2 x 36 inch, 3/4 hp Belt Grinder

Part #: MT362-6
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Price: $399.95
  • 2 x 36 belt size
  • 5400 SFPM
  • 3/4 hp motor
  • Quick change belt system with automatic tensioning


If you have a garage or workshop this is a must-have tool. Our customers tell us over and over that this is the most used tool in their shop! More than a traditional belt sander, this versatile tool has a belt speed of approximately 5,400 surface feet per minute which allows for material removal up to 5 times faster than with the equivalent grit grinding wheel. The open horizontal design allows you to sand in areas that most grinders won't.

In addition to the 6 inch grinding stone on the left, the Multitool has four different grinding surfaces to cover almost any grinding need. The most used surface is the front contact wheel which has a serrated surface to make grinding and deburring very controllable and smooth. The top platen can be used for straightening or profiling longer edges and the underside of the Multitool has a slack belt area for blending and finishing. Finally, the 7 inch disc on the side can be used with or without the optional miter table for beveling and profiling or final finishing.

Belts change in seconds from grinding, to sand, deburr, or polish. A variety of belts and discs are available for any type of project, see the Accessories tab. If you'd like to use 3M Scotch-Brite belts, or for heavy duty use, we recommend our 1hp model, the MT362-8.


3 yrs on attachment, 2 years on motor


Motor: 3/4 hp, 110 volt, 3.9 amp
Belt Width (inches): 2
Belt Length (inches): 36
Belt Speed: 5400 feet per minute
RPM: 3450
Contact Wheel Diameter (inches) : 3.5
Platen Size (inches): 2 x 5.875
Disc Size (inches): 7
Disc Speed (rpm): 3450
Weight (pounds): 37


  • 2 x 36 inch belt grinder
  • 3/4 hp 6 inch grinder motor
  • 100 grit belt and 120 grit disc
  • 8 inch, 36 grit grinding stone
  • Instructions and hardware