Mac's Portable Trail Vise

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Price: $159.95
  • Fits into a standard 2 inch receiver hitch
  • 8 inch vise jaw opening
  • No slip jaws
  • 1/2 inch thick anvil behind the jaws
  • Can be mounted in 4 positions in 90 degree increments


Mac's Trail D-Vise make those on-the-trail repairs much easier. Simply slide the D-Vise into your receiver and you have a stout bench vise in the middle of nowhere. Activate the vise using your lugwrench or socket wrench, or better yet, the included handle that stows neatly on the side when not in use. The D-Vise was designed to open far enough to repair u-joints on the trail or repairs such as welding. The vice can be pinned into the receiver upright or sideways to accommodate different materials. The jaws are coated with a Slip-Not surface, and a separate set of pipe-jaws resides beneath. The vise is secure when the vise is slightly tightened down in the receiver as the pressure keeps the hitch pin from being removed without a socket or wrench. Last, but not least, we've included a bottle opener!


1 year manufacturer's warranty


Max Clamp Opening (inches): 8
Weight (pounds): 18


Includes wrench and hitch pin