Monster Nozzle Pro Kit for 17/18/26 & 3-Series Torches

Part #: A-MNPRO-3
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Model: A-MNPRO-3-116, A-MNPRO-3-332
Price: $178.88
  • 4 different size cups
  • 3 Hybrid non-radioactive tungsten electrodes
  • Compatible with 17, 18, 26 & 3-Series Torches



This kit from Arc-Zone includes everything needed to convert your WP-17, 18, 26, CS300, CS410, and CK 3 model TIG torch to the Monster™ Gas Nozzle. These nozzles are engineered to deliver a steady umbrella of shielding gas to improve your TIG weld quality, reduce post-weld clean up, and minimize weld distortion. This Monster™ Pro Kit is ideal for welding specialized and exotic materials.

These parts are compatible with all WP-17, 18, 26, Crafter Series CS300, CS410 and CK-3 Series TIG Torches from Weldcraft, WeldTec, TecTorch, CK, Radnor, BestWelds, Master TIG, Profax, Diamond Back, Lincoln etc.

These tips are not designed to be used with AC current.


  • (1) No. 12 = 3/4 inch (19.0mm) Orifice Size With Engineered Screen Pack Installed
  • (1) No. 14 = 7/8 inch (22.2mm) Orifice Size With Engineered Screen Pack Installed
  • (1) No. 16 = 1 inch (25.4mm) Orifice Size With Engineered Screen Pack Installed
  • (1) No. 24 = 1-1/2 inch (28.5mm) Orifice Size With Engineered Screen Pack Installed
  • (1) High Performance Wedge Collet
  • (2) Gass Lens Collet Bodies
  • (1) Teflon Nozzle Gasket
  • (3) ArcTime™ Hyperformance All-Purpose Non-Radioactive Rare Earth Tungsten Electrodes
  • (1) Short “Button” Back Cap
  • (1) Medium Back Cap
  • (1) Long Back Cap
  • (1) Spare Back Cap O-Ring
  • (1) Gas Flow Tester
  • (1) E-Z Wipe Weld Prep Packet
  • (1) Handy TIG Welding Calculator