Mittler Bros. 2 foot Ultimate Box & Pan Brake, 16 gauge

Part #: 2800-24-16-R
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Model: 2800-24-16
Price: $2,475.00
  • Unique 3 finger design
  • 24 inch wide capacity
  • Optional radius fingers
  • Tool-less upper set-back adjustments



The Mittler Brothers Model 2800-24-16 Ultimate Box and Pan Brake has a unique 3 finger design. This design incorporates movable fingers on the bed and apron as well as the usual upper fingers. This design allows the operator to make bend combinations that before were extremely difficult if not impossible.

The model 2800-24-16 has tool-less upper set back adjustments and is designed to bend 16 gauge mild steel the full width with the included apron (leaf) angle fingers.

A complete set of upper and bed fingers are included as well as the angle fingers for the apron, as well as a counter weight.

NEW - Choose radius or no-radius fingers below. Radius fingers are ideal for the shop that exclusively bends aluminum and needs to prevent cracking.


1 year manufacturer's warranty


Type: segmented lower
Mild Steel Capacity: 16 gauge (1.6mm)
Aluminum Capacity: .080
Stainless Capacity: 20 gauge (.9mm)
Working Length (inches): 24
Max Depth Of Box (inches): 3.5
Max Lift Of Beam (inches): 1.5
Front To Rear Adj (inches): 1
Min Reverse Bend (inches): .25 (with 1/4 inch apron fingers)