Flowdrill Starter Kit #1

Part #: FDStart1
Ships From: Factory shipped
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Price: $750.00
  • Create a threaded hole in thin material
  • No chips or mess
  • Drill steel, stainless, copper, aluminum, and brass
  • 2 sizes included - 1/4, 5/16 inch



Flowdrill exists to provide an inexpensive, high quality replacement for traditional fastening methods such as nut-serts or weld-on nuts and bungs when working with thin wall material. Flowdrill is a solid tungsten carbide tool, which uses friction to form material into a cylindrical or cone shape. This formed hole can then be tapped or used for a reinforced bearing or bushing surface.

This simple two-step process is completely chip-less and capable of 1000's of repetitions. Practical uses would be O2 or EGT sensor installations, brackets and tabs, sheet metal fastening, etc. Flowdrill can be used in drill presses, CNC machines or even high speed hand drills for small holes.

See documentation tab for RPM and horsepower requirements.


Cutting Depth (inches): 50% of hole diameter
Hole Sizes (inches): 1/4, 5/16
Construction: tungsten carbide


  • User specified tool holder
  • FD430E-06 ER-25 collet
  • FD430E-08 ER-25 collet
  • FD057L Flowdrill bit (1/4-20 UNC thread)
  • FD072L Flowdrill bit (5/16-18 UNC thread)
  • Flowtap 1/4-20 UNC roll forming tap
  • Flowtap 5/16-18 UNC roll forming tap
  • FDKS/P drill lubrication paste
  • FTMZ tapping oil
  • Brushes
  • Storage case