Icengineworks 1-3/4 inch Header Fabrication System

Part #: 1750System
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Price: $1,499.00
  • Design and layout headers quick and easy
  • Blocks simply snap together
  • Our most inclusive kit


This complete exhaust header fabrication system from Icengineworks will take you from concept to completion of custom headers and turbo manifolds. The system includes modeling blocks, tube cutting jigs, and welding clamps.

The blocks simply snap together to form header primaries that can then be duplicated by cutting and welding commonly available prebent U-bends and J-bends. Included with each kit are both straight and curved blocks in a variety of radii. Each block represents a 1 inch arc length of tubing. Blocks of different sizes can also be connected to simulate stepped headers. Each block is molded with a series of markings and index points to make the transition to metal as easy as possible.

After the modeling process is completed the included cutting board and alignment blocks will assist in duplicating each section of plastic blocks in steel tubing. The aluminum cutting board is designed to be aligned with the fence and slid across the table of a vertical band saw. When used with the included alignment blocks, steel tubing is cut perfectly perpendicular to the tangent.

Finally, the included clamps make positioning the cut tubing for welding extremely easy! The clamps allow the fabricator to preview, adjust, and clock the pieces before they are tack-welded together. Time consuming weld and cut adjustments are avoided and headers can be more precisely assembled.

See the Includes tab for details of specific components of this kit. Additional blocks in each radius are available under the Accessories tab.


  • (51) Straight blocks, 1750-00
  • (51) 2 inch radius blocks, 1750-20
  • (51) 3 inch radius blocks, 1750-30
  • (51) 4 inch radius blocks, 1750-40
  • (51) 6 inch radius blocks
  • (8) Block adapters,1750BA
  • Universal aluminum cuting board, PIV1000
  • 4 piece cutting spacer kit, 1750CSS
  • 4 piece tack-welding clamp kit, 1750TTWCS
  • Manual
  • Control sheet pad
  • Plastic case